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Live in the district quickly see, do not suffer a loss, but also silly

ring hero) -- the inner world is big enough to dance! Long press two-dimensional code,
you can pay attention to!

The queen, Fan Baopeng, Fan Bingbing, Siqin Gaowa, Carina Lau, or Liu Xiaoqing?

ring owerful woman in Chinese history,
of course,
counted Wu Zetian.
As a hot IP,
all female stars have played the role of the image of Wu Zetian,
as was the imperial feeling.
But how was the performance? Who is the image that is most firmly in mind? These are not only by IP for acting,
also according to the basic law of the decision,
we are also very important,
first of all,
Wu Zetians first play the most popular female star to the number of Fan Ye Fan Ye is in 14 years later legend a very aggregious TV of course,
everyone what concerns are in place to say how Fan Ye in inside play? You can see Zaopian for example,
can not play props can be her hair can also be so or the older but no matter what image expression is anyway,
you see me,
love is but a DA,
however the flap on the comment but.
a group of straight cancer however,
then what is the writer or clothing pot or pan.
Of course,
the United States and the United States and a Da Alyssa Chia,
however this drama dress,
Lord Alyssa Chia,

The blowing suona to the bone to make a movie in the soul

ring release of bainiaozhaofeng reputation has been good,
with up to 9.
2 of the score in Guevara.
Although the film is not ideal,
there are still many fans choose 2 brush,
3 brush.
Good movies are always thought-provoking,
and today we share the impressions of the fans after 2 brushes.
At the end of the small lattice as we prepare the bainiaozhaofeng project,
a group of people who love movies waiting for you to join.
Last night two brush bainiaozhaofeng return,
circle of friends all feel sad in turn Fang teacher kneel beg theaters added bainiaozhaofeng row piece of the picture,
for love.
Although this practice I personally do not agree with,
but bainiaozhaofeng this film really should get more attention.
It is an elegy of Suona art,
is the art of film a shriek.
the suona blowing into the bones of bainiaozhaofeng bainiaozhaofeng is a well-known folk music,
popular in Shandong,
Hebei and other places,
although there are different versions,
but the same basic melody

In the 600 million yuan prize after the Japanese did that mad at me

ring  happen to you if you had a super jackpot? Recently,
a Japanese variety show on the exposure of an otaku in the middle and lower 600 million yen (about 36 million yuan) after the award of daily life.
Generally speaking,
the life after winning a lottery is also a word curtilage,
but the quality of the house is much higher than before.
From this otaku exposure schedule,
he will spend 9 hours a day to play the game,
completely living in the two dimension.
Some may say,
he does not work out really good? In fact,
this otaku is not idle,
he usually likes to do some personal investment,
speculation is one of them.
After hitting 600 million yen lottery game he has,
more abundant capital,
to maintain the freedom of life.
The rent is as high as 150 thousand yen (about 9000 yuan) Thats not the case! The grand prize winner 08:00-09:00 09:00-12:00 schedule up to watch TV,
watch the animal world is mainly about 12:00-13:00 friends for lunch 13:00-20:00 to the global game hall with friends,
playing the game

40 year old apple why keep small meat drops?

ring t the recent most suitable for hard Tucao technology giants,
apple if second,
in addition to music,
Im afraid no one dares to claim the first.
Last week,
apple App Store because of the adjustment algorithm and the failure,
a large number of applications pass shelf.
The sneeze from the giant directly took 65% of the 10% downloads on the day of the app.
This small sneeze,
apple directly as the technology giant chicken soup star,
a lot of color.
It was immediately smart to realize that in April,
foreign media broke the news that Apple will implement competitive ranking in App Store,
and this adjustment algorithm must be a precursor to competition rankings.
I feel wronged for apple.
As a chicken soup star,
and then how to compete,
ranking will not be reduced to the same as Baidu,
the basic trust between the rich have gone? In fact,
Apples competitive ranking,
is to find the former agent App malicious brush list nationalized.
In the future,
you can find good quality applications in the charts

Let your iPhone second song

ring  buddies must have played sing,
YY voice,
what national K song ah like singing software.
As the singing tune 20 years specialist,
is really the people envy you sing well.
But I believe you must have encountered some problems when you are recording songs,
such as spray wheat,
recording fuzzy,
and so on.
So as to come to you today that a mobile phone recording tool -- Shure MOTIV MV88 digital microphone.
This is a hell ah,
this stuff is connected directly to any Apple device through the Lightning interface,
it can become a powerful mobile recording device,
and recording studio quality audio,
with clear stereo effect.
Speaking people is,
its a mini professional recording device that can be attached directly to your iPhone.
Take you to take a look at this thing.
What is specific.
1) match box size,
heart power,
this mini recording microphone ruler is 3.
how big is the size of a matchbox?.
When installed,
you can connect directly to any apple device via the Lightning i

Europe and the United States to China jointly fired 15 years of waiting to become empty

ring oenix Finance (finance_ifeng) self: Wall Street knowledge,
Xinhua news agency,
a financial report of the European Parliament Thursday overwhelmingly passed a resolution of 546:28,
Chinese refused to recognize the status of market economy,
which may make Chinese wait 15 years into the air.
Its like a cheque to China,
15 years after the expiration of the agreement,
Europe and America are trying not to cash it.
The European Parliament believes that the excessive production and price reduction of Chinas steel industry has brought serious social,
economic and environmental consequences for the European union.
As recommended by the United States,
the European Parliament believes that China can not meet the conditions of the market economy.
Under this definition,
the price of Commodity services should be decided by both the supply and demand sides of the market,
and there should be no government interference.
China believes that in December this year,
the countrys accession to the WTO full 15th anni

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