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40 year old apple why keep small meat drops?

ring t the recent most suitable for hard Tucao technology giants,
apple if second,
in addition to music,
Im afraid no one dares to claim the first.
Last week,
apple App Store because of the adjustment algorithm and the failure,
a large number of applications pass shelf.
The sneeze from the giant directly took 65% of the 10% downloads on the day of the app.
This small sneeze,
apple directly as the technology giant chicken soup star,
a lot of color.
It was immediately smart to realize that in April,
foreign media broke the news that Apple will implement competitive ranking in App Store,
and this adjustment algorithm must be a precursor to competition rankings.
I feel wronged for apple.
As a chicken soup star,
and then how to compete,
ranking will not be reduced to the same as Baidu,
the basic trust between the rich have gone? In fact,
Apples competitive ranking,
is to find the former agent App malicious brush list nationalized.
In the future,
you can find good quality applications in the charts

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