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Europe and the United States to China jointly fired 15 years of waiting to become empty

ring oenix Finance (finance_ifeng) self: Wall Street knowledge,
Xinhua news agency,
a financial report of the European Parliament Thursday overwhelmingly passed a resolution of 546:28,
Chinese refused to recognize the status of market economy,
which may make Chinese wait 15 years into the air.
Its like a cheque to China,
15 years after the expiration of the agreement,
Europe and America are trying not to cash it.
The European Parliament believes that the excessive production and price reduction of Chinas steel industry has brought serious social,
economic and environmental consequences for the European union.
As recommended by the United States,
the European Parliament believes that China can not meet the conditions of the market economy.
Under this definition,
the price of Commodity services should be decided by both the supply and demand sides of the market,
and there should be no government interference.
China believes that in December this year,
the countrys accession to the WTO full 15th anni

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