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In the 600 million yuan prize after the Japanese did that mad at me

ring  happen to you if you had a super jackpot? Recently,
a Japanese variety show on the exposure of an otaku in the middle and lower 600 million yen (about 36 million yuan) after the award of daily life.
Generally speaking,
the life after winning a lottery is also a word curtilage,
but the quality of the house is much higher than before.
From this otaku exposure schedule,
he will spend 9 hours a day to play the game,
completely living in the two dimension.
Some may say,
he does not work out really good? In fact,
this otaku is not idle,
he usually likes to do some personal investment,
speculation is one of them.
After hitting 600 million yen lottery game he has,
more abundant capital,
to maintain the freedom of life.
The rent is as high as 150 thousand yen (about 9000 yuan) Thats not the case! The grand prize winner 08:00-09:00 09:00-12:00 schedule up to watch TV,
watch the animal world is mainly about 12:00-13:00 friends for lunch 13:00-20:00 to the global game hall with friends,
playing the game

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