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Let your iPhone second song

ring  buddies must have played sing,
YY voice,
what national K song ah like singing software.
As the singing tune 20 years specialist,
is really the people envy you sing well.
But I believe you must have encountered some problems when you are recording songs,
such as spray wheat,
recording fuzzy,
and so on.
So as to come to you today that a mobile phone recording tool -- Shure MOTIV MV88 digital microphone.
This is a hell ah,
this stuff is connected directly to any Apple device through the Lightning interface,
it can become a powerful mobile recording device,
and recording studio quality audio,
with clear stereo effect.
Speaking people is,
its a mini professional recording device that can be attached directly to your iPhone.
Take you to take a look at this thing.
What is specific.
1) match box size,
heart power,
this mini recording microphone ruler is 3.
how big is the size of a matchbox?.
When installed,
you can connect directly to any apple device via the Lightning i

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