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The blowing suona to the bone to make a movie in the soul

ring release of bainiaozhaofeng reputation has been good,
with up to 9.
2 of the score in Guevara.
Although the film is not ideal,
there are still many fans choose 2 brush,
3 brush.
Good movies are always thought-provoking,
and today we share the impressions of the fans after 2 brushes.
At the end of the small lattice as we prepare the bainiaozhaofeng project,
a group of people who love movies waiting for you to join.
Last night two brush bainiaozhaofeng return,
circle of friends all feel sad in turn Fang teacher kneel beg theaters added bainiaozhaofeng row piece of the picture,
for love.
Although this practice I personally do not agree with,
but bainiaozhaofeng this film really should get more attention.
It is an elegy of Suona art,
is the art of film a shriek.
the suona blowing into the bones of bainiaozhaofeng bainiaozhaofeng is a well-known folk music,
popular in Shandong,
Hebei and other places,
although there are different versions,
but the same basic melody

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