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The queen, Fan Baopeng, Fan Bingbing, Siqin Gaowa, Carina Lau, or Liu Xiaoqing?

ring owerful woman in Chinese history,
of course,
counted Wu Zetian.
As a hot IP,
all female stars have played the role of the image of Wu Zetian,
as was the imperial feeling.
But how was the performance? Who is the image that is most firmly in mind? These are not only by IP for acting,
also according to the basic law of the decision,
we are also very important,
first of all,
Wu Zetians first play the most popular female star to the number of Fan Ye Fan Ye is in 14 years later legend a very aggregious TV of course,
everyone what concerns are in place to say how Fan Ye in inside play? You can see Zaopian for example,
can not play props can be her hair can also be so or the older but no matter what image expression is anyway,
you see me,
love is but a DA,
however the flap on the comment but.
a group of straight cancer however,
then what is the writer or clothing pot or pan.
Of course,
the United States and the United States and a Da Alyssa Chia,
however this drama dress,
Lord Alyssa Chia,

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